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Below are five challenge sets of different difficulties. You can play each one individually by clicking on the links below.

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  1. All For One
  2. All For Two
  3. Three For All
  4. Double Time
  5. Triple Time

  1. Clever Twelves
  2. Two Steps
  3. Double Steps
  4. All Even
  5. Double Time

  1. Sweet Sixteen
  2. All Two-Three-Four
  3. Lucky Twenty-seven
  4. Two-Three-Five Low
  5. Two-Three-Five High
  6. What a Joke

  1. Secret Reasons
  2. Around A Thousand
  3. Over A Hundred
  4. Between Four And Six
  5. Lower Twenties

Fixed Operations or Numbers
  1. Add Subtract
  2. Add Multiply
  3. Multiply Add Subtract
  4. Add Subtract Set

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