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How the MathDice School Program Works

OK, let's start with the basics. MathDice is a math game, right? To play, you move around equations in your head. With MathDice, the more you play the better you get. And that means you're getting better at math.

Your teachers and parents like that! That's why they've agreed (we hope) to hold a celebration party for you when you hit your goals.

So how does the program work?

The MathDice Games

The first thing is that there are a lot of different MathDice games to play. We'll describe a few of them here, you can click on the link if you want to read more about all of them.

Ski Patrol is one of the most popular MathDice games. Each challenge has Minus the Dog skiing down the slope and having to get through five challenge gates. Can you put 1 2 and 3 together into a math expression that equals a number between 7 and 9? Click here when you think you've got it.

MathDice Bowling is another excellent challenge. Here, Minus has to use the three numbers on each of his two bowling balls to knock down the target pins. Some of the targets can be hit by both balls, some by only one of them. Some are really tricky!

MathDice ChipAway is a great game that you can play together as a group. Place chips over the numbers on the board, roll your dice, and start generating math expressions that equal these numbers. each number you hit, take a chipaway. The twist with this game is that, once you can't find any more target numbers, you get to turn any one of the scoring dice to any new number, and keep trying. The choices you make can make a big difference in your final score.

Plus, the original MathDice Dice game is fantastic, it plays fast and you never know what numbers are going to come up next. You want to be sure to play a lot of normal MathDice, whether at lunch or recess or home.

So we've got a lot of different games. Check out other ways to play if you want to learn about all of them.

Classroom Point System

Every time you play a MathDice game, whether the original game or Ski Patrol or Math MiniGolf or MathDice Scavenger Hunt, you earn MathDice Points for yourself and for your class. Each game has a specific number of points you earn for playing, your teacher will explain all this to you and give you a sheet that specifically tells you which game earns how many points.

When your program starts, you'll get your own personal score sheet, that you will use to tally the points you earn. Each MathDice point you earn, you fill in one of the ice cream balls on one of the cones on the score sheet. The more you play, the more points you earn and the more cones you fill in.

Here's where you turn your individual points into classroom points. Posted in your class will be a MathDice Conversion Chart. Every time you get ten individual MathDice Points, which means you fill in two ice cream cones, you can put your initials into one of the Conversion Chart boxes. All the other kids in your class will be doing the same thing.

What happens next is the good stuff. Each time you fill in a full bar of initials on the conversion chart, that means that your class together has earned 100 points. And earning 100 points means you get to color in another scoop on your MathDice Class Ice Cream Poster.

Your goal, of course, is to color in every scoop on your Ice Cream Poster. Because once you have the entire poster filled in, it's time for your Ice Cream Party!

MathDice Tournaments

Once you get good at playing MathDice, it can be really fun to form a team and travel to play MathDice with kids from other schools. A lot of kids from northern Virginia have played in MathDice tournaments, and reports are that it's a lot of fun.

We're going to recommend to your school that they help to organize tournaments for you. But, it's a lot of work and some people worry about who should be responsible for driving kids around, so not every school will have a tournament. If you want one, do ask your teacher!

We're working on something now that could be even more fun. MathDice Internet Online Tournaments! We'll set up a tournament schedule for when teams play, then post MathDice challenges on the website and have you input your answers and submit them to us.

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